Focus on Dental Health - Radiology Interpretation Essentials

Focus on Dental Health - Radiology Interpretation Essentials
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MAY 15, 2018

TIME:  6:00PM - 9:00PM









This course will cover the most common radiographic technical essential information and radiographic diagnosis.

An overview of intraoral and extraoral radiographs, reviewing selection criteria and techniques to expose the patients following the ALARA principle.

A didactic part of this CE, a 1h lecture, presents diverses radiographic techniques, tips and tricks on how to tackle the challenging patients and options to facilitate the interpretation of conventional radiographs.

The interactive imaging circuit portion of the course integrates the use of tablet technology and a methodological process to rule out pathologies. The participant has the opportunity to discuss findings, clarify doubts and get exposed to interesting cases. Errors and selection criteria on intra and extraoral images will be identified.

The participants’ knowledge grows from recognizing different types of receptors to the interpretation of the images itself.



Dr. Pacheco-Pereira graduated in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She worked in private practice and pursued an Oral Radiology specialty and an MBA in Health Management. She moved to Canada in 2008 and pursued her MSc degree at the School of Dentistry at University of Alberta. Dr. Pacheco-Pereira joined the university as faculty in 2013. Her main activities are teaching Oral Radiology for dental and dental hygiene students, and research on topics related to intra and extraoral imaging. She lectures, coordinates courses and instructs laboratories for dental and dental hygiene students with an emphasis on developing critical thinking skills.  Dr. Pacheco-Pereira has many published papers on patient satisfaction and oral radiology subjects. She annually participates in CE courses for dental hygienists moving to practice in Alberta.  Currently Dr. Anthea Senior and Dr. Pacheco-Pereira are working together on developing a blended-learning model for oral radiology education.

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