Neuromodulators - Level 3 - Mid-Face and Lower Face/Neck Regions and Myofacial Pain and Dysfunction Treatment

Neuromodulators - Level 3 - Mid-Face and Lower Face/Neck Regions and Myofacial Pain and Dysfunction Treatment
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CREDITS:  24 for EDM/CGY   |   18 for VEGAS




Upon sucessful completion of both Level 1 and Level 2 courses are a pre-requisite to participation in a Level 3 course.

This level of education represents an advanced level of clinical competency in safety and clinical use of injected facial pharmarceuticals in oral and maxillofacial esthetics and theapeutics.  The curriculum for Level 3 education in neuromodulator clinical procedures for mid-face, lower face, neck regions, myofascial pain and dysfunction includes specific instructions with demonstrated proficiency in didactic, live patient hands-oon knowledge and treatment.  Live patient hands-on instruction includes demonstration and clinical treatment in the oral and maxillofacial areas on a model patient, which must meet participation course guidelines.  Practitioners must demonstrate competency in the safety aspects of facial esthetics pharmaceuticals use prior to using these pharmaceuticals on patients.  These are the core competencies that define the Standard of Practice.

In addtion to all Level 1 and 2 core competencies, successful completion of a Level 3 educational program requires the understanding and application of the following enchanced core competencies

Patient Assessment and Evaluation

  • Diagnosis, documentation, treatment planning and proper dosing and delivery of neuromodulator treatment for mid-face and lower Face/Neck Regions, Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction Treatment
  • Indications for other treatment
  • Advanced applied anatomy of the oral and maxillofacial, lower face, anterior and posterior neck, including cranial base, and related structures
  • Advanced education in injected facial pharmaceuticals
  • Understanding of the latest neuromodulator pharmaceuticals and introduction to dermal fillers and how the two injected levels work in tandem (note: Level 4 is required to use dermal fillers)
  • Comprehensive and definitive diagnosis of myofascial pain and dysfunction
  • Understanding of the precise skeletal and muscle anatomy involved in maxillarygingival excess
  • Treating maxillary gingival excess (gummy smiles) with neuromodulators as an alternative treatment to surgical dental procedures
  • Trigger point therapy for myofascial pain and dysfunction cases
  • Advanced upper and mid-face procedures for esthetic and therapeutic maxillofacial and neck treatment
  • Neuromodulator therapeutic treatments for chronic migraine and facial pain
  • Ability to test and treat hyperactive lower face muscles for dental/facial esthetics, orthodontic retention and removable prosthodontics retention with

Treatment Planning and Delivery

Advanced Practice Management

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