Focus on Dental Health - Digital Dental Radiography Tips and Troubleshooting

Focus on Dental Health - Digital Dental Radiography Tips and Troubleshooting
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MARCH 13, 2018

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Digital Dental Radiography Tips and Troubleshooting combines lecture and hands-on formats. The three hour session will review technique tips and tricks for obtaining consistently excellent images using both Solid State Sensors and Phosphor Storage Plates (PSP). Common intraoral imaging techniques including periapicals (paralleling and bisecting angle), bitewing images (vertical and horizontal) and endodontic images will be included. Participants will review how to keep the patient dose as low as possible, how to avoid the most common errors and tips for troubleshooting challenging cases. During the hands-on component, participants will utilize both digital sensor and PSP receptors to review imaging techniques for periapical and bitewing images on Dexter Dentoforms. This is an opportunity for dental professionals who are considering switching to digital radiography to try different digital imaging modalities and for those who have made the switch to digital to refine techniques.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be aware of how to reduce patient dose, expose and critique digital intraoral radiographs. Participants will demonstrate proficiency in the recognition of image errors and how they can be corrected. Critical thinking on the retakes need and a protocol for quality assessment of the images taken in private practice will be explored. Participants will be familiar with the differences between film and digital techniques, and knowledgeable about the benefits and limitations of digital intraoral receptors.


Dr. Senior obtained her Bachelor of Dentistry degree from the University of Newcastle (UK) in 1992. For the following 9 years she provided general dental care to mainly children and special care adult populations in community dental practice. In 2003 she completed a Diploma in Dental Surgery from the University of Bristol (UK) in Pediatric Dentistry, Special Care Dentistry and Oral Health and Disease. Dr. Senior joined the University of Alberta in 2003. She lectures to both dental and dental hygiene students and supervises radiology technique and interpretation in clinical and laboratory settings. In 2012 she lead the conversion of the radiology department from film to a completely digital program. She is the author of the iBook, “Dental Radiology, A Quick Reference Guide for Intraoral Techniques” and her YouTube technique videos have received over 70,000 views. Currently she is the Associate Chair DDS Clinical Education and Co Division Head, Oral Medicine/Oral Pathology/Radiology at the School of Dentistry.

Dr. Pacheco-Pereira graduated in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She worked in private practice and pursued an Oral Radiology specialty and an MBA in Health Management. She moved to Canada in 2008 and pursued her MSc degree at the School of Dentistry at University of Alberta. Dr. Pacheco-Pereira joined the university as faculty in 2013. Her main activities are teaching Oral Radiology for dental and dental hygiene students, and research on topics related to intra and extraoral imaging. She lectures, coordinates courses and instructs laboratories for dental and dental hygiene students with an emphasis on developing critical thinking skills.  Dr. Pacheco-Pereira has many published papers on patient satisfaction and oral radiology subjects. She annually participates in CE courses for dental hygienists moving to practice in Alberta.  Currently Dr. Senior and Dr. Pacheco-Pereira are working together on developing a blended-learning model for oral radiology education.

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