Science of Smile + Digital Smile Design

Science of Smile + Digital Smile Design
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APRIL 21, 2018

TIME:  9:00AM - 4:00PM




For most of dentistry’s history, our profession has exclusively focused on oral health and functional outcomes - restoring decay, treating infections, managing TMD, or correcting malocclusions.  But times are changing. With increasing marketing pressure on products and services like Invisalign, Botox, anti-amalgam campaigns, bioesthetic dentistry, smile make-overs, and 6-month smiles, patients are placing more and more demand on esthetic outcomes.
In this full day continued education event, you will learn to manage the changing landscape in dentistry without compromising your roll as an oral health provider, and create greater patient loyalty in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Specifically, the Science of Smile course will allow you to:

1  Understand the principles of what makes a smile beautiful, and what gives it the “WOW!” factor. That is, the art and the science of facial esthetics.  Recognizing that what’s best for oral function is also what’s most beautiful for their smile.

2  Translate and integrate the principles of smile esthetics into every day clinical practice, exploring such tools as Digital Smile Design

3  Explore the psycology of smiling and dive into the internal motivating factors that move our patients to seek esthetic treatment, powerfully lead our teams, and create rewarding experiences for our patients by recognizing that a true smile is something that comes from within.

4  Learn the tools and tactics to communicate with patients and develop their trust, so that they choose the recommended treatment plans, invest in the smile they truly desire, and become fully enrolled in their own wellbeing and oral health.



Dr. Gary Glassman graduated from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry in 1984 and was awarded the James B. Willmott Scholarship, the Mosby Scholarship and the George Hare Endodontic Scholarship for proficiency in Endodontics. A graduate of the Endodontology Program at Temple University in 1987, he received the Louis I. Grossman Study Club Award for academic and clinical proficiency in Endodontics.

The author of numerous publications, Dr. Glassman lectures globally on endodontics, is on staff at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry in the graduate department of endodontics, and is Adjunct Professor of Dentistry and Director of Endodontic Programming for the University of Technology, Kingston, Jamaica. Gary is a fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada, Fellow of the American College of Dentists, the endodontic editor for Oral Health dental journal, Faculty Chair for DC Institute and Chief Dental Officer for dentalcorp Canada. He maintains a private practice, Endodontic Specialists in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.




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